I am a 50 Rogue with full T1 and my dmg output seems to be a solid 30% behind the other rogues in my guild and I cant seem to figure out why. Here are my souls any thoughts on improvements or rotation ideas would be very helpful. I currently don't run any macros as I don't really see the point but if you have an opinion on that as well toss it in.

51 Brd / 15 RS / 0 NB


44 NB / 17 Sin / 5 Sab


51 Rng / 10 NB / 5 Sab


32 Sab / 21 Sin / 13 NB


Is there a synergy between Poison & Sab charges? Or was this just a beta thing

(see the date on the link) that was rolled back?


Need help with Rotation