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Thread: Weapons for Bard main Soul

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    Default Weapons for Bard main Soul

    Hey all first post and kind of new to the game. Defenitely new to bards.

    So I have to ask, what weapons do you look for as a bard?

    Their powers are kind of ranged and say use weapon damage plus life, etc... So if it based off of Melee weapons I have in hand or my ranged weapon? Which ones will affect my damage for my bard songs?

    I read the other post about bards and get it, but nothing was mentioned about which weapon slot the abilities are basing their damage off of.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Oh, and not sure it matters, but I am bard/nightblade/ranger at this time, and am still leveling.

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    I am most certain bard goes off main hand wep. No matter what type of rogue I play, I use the slowest highest dmg wep with lots of dex for my main hand and fastest wep for off hand.

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