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Thread: MM advice requested

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    Default MM advice requested

    I want to start by pointing out that, generally speaking, I enjoy my class. However, I'm beginning to have a few concerns.

    Mainly, it seems that playing this class has become mainly about mastering a rotation. The player must find an optimal series of attacks in order to gain maximal dps. As I level, this becomes more and more apparent. Now, on its own, that is fine. However, from what I have seen, this is herding players into speccing into certain trees to maximize the efficiency of that rotation.

    I am still relatively low. I am 48 and split between MM and NB. Despite doing my very best to understand my rotation, I find my damage lackluster. I think it is fine that I tend to do less damage than melee rogues but why should I do less than other ranged characters?

    I would hate for my search of an optimal rotation to pidgeon hole me into playing a melee or pet class. Can anyone shed some light on how a MM/NB can be played to put out some respectable single target damage? Thanks.
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    For dungeon/raid PvE?

    Depends what your definition of "respectable" is. Look around, it's widely known that MM doesn't put out the dps of other ranged classes. Thousands of Marksmen have run hundreds of tests and parses and different builds, it's not really a secret. You said it yourself, the damage is lackluster. There is no secret rotation. There is an optimal one, but sadly it falls well short of the other souls.

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    go ranger, just dont summon pet probably still outdo mm

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