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Thread: Throw my hat it: Ranger 1.2 patchnotes.

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    Default Throw my hat it: Ranger 1.2 patchnotes.

    Shadow Fire: Cast time reduced to 1.5 seconds.
    Piercing Shot: Learned at 18 points in. Tier 5 - Improved Piercing Shot (2pts): When you critically hit with Piercing Shot you have a 50/100% to make your next finisher deal 5/10% more damage.
    King of the Jungle moved to where Piercing shot was. Lowered % gained from talent points to equal out to what it is live at 50. so no real change just get it earlier
    Killing Focus: Also increases bleed damage by 5/10%
    Rain of Arrows removed. Replaced with Bleed Finisher that deals 120ish% of Headshot damage over 15 sec.
    Improved Trickshot: Each additional hit has a 50% chance to lower Concussive Blast's cool down by 1 sec.
    King of The Jungles previous location Fight as One: 2m CD, for the next 15 sec your pets critical hits grant you 15 energy, Your critical hits cause your pet's next attack to deal 10% more damage. Blood Rage as a prereq
    Double Shot: reduced to 3 points for same effect.

    Assassin: Serrated Blades now works with ranged weapons as well, but only up to 80% weapon damage.
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    Sad part is ranger only needs a slight increase in damage. The tree itself is fine. MM and Bladedancer need work.

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    the only thing i would add is a lower teir talent that increased your damage from the ranger per point like many of the other trees have... so not only your pet scales with more points but you do as well...

    or even base it off your pet, change Blood Rage to this - When your pets target is effect by a bleed it incresed the pets damage by 5% and your damage by 5%, each additional point in the ranger tree increases the damage bounus by .5% up to 20%

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    Ok to all except removing Rain of Arrows I love that one.

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    It will pain me DEEPLY to see Rain go
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