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Thread: How to rogue tank [Discussion, not QQ]

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    Default How to rogue tank [Discussion, not QQ]

    I wanted to post this because I feel like I have gotten pretty close to the answer here for rogue tanking, and it might give us a good base to start from. The way I see it, we have to overcome a few failings as tanks. This is a discussion about how to make it work, not a QQ forum on why we can't. Seeing as they didn't change it in the last patch, it may stay this way. Lets make the best of it.

    1. We do NOT take good damage. Our damage is spikey, in that we may dodge 4-5 hits, only to be CLOBBERED by the next 5-6. In that, we can be at full for a good bit, only to drop VERY fast, sometimes to lethal levels before the cleric has time to get a cast off. Many good healers I have talked with and grouped with would much preferr their tank to take steady managable damage, than to have to go into panic healing mode for no better reason than the rogue got unlucky.

    2. When Trion was handing out tanking cooldowns, we weren't on the white board. Here we go:

    - Planar Refuge; 10 second duration - 2 min cooldown - 30% reduction in damage
    - Scatter the Shadows; 3 second duration - 2 min cooldown - Invuln
    - Defer Death; 10 second duration - 2 min cooldown - defer damage to the end of the buff
    - Side Steps; 15 second duration - 2 min cooldown - Massive dodge increase

    Many would stop reading right now, seeing as I listed Defer Death as a tanking cooldown. Ill explain later why I did.

    In working with what we have, this is where I see our main failings, and how we have to overcome them.

    Lets quickly do specs. The two I will give credit to are the ones most of you know.

    51Pts Rift Stalker
    22Pts Blade Dancer

    These 2 specs, minus some side points elsewhere sum up where 99% of experienced rogue tanks land. One offers you 6% parry at the cost of HP and Rift Barrier MIT, and the loss of a tanking cooldown. The other sacrifices the physical mitigation in favor of HP and total MIT.

    It doesnt matter the spec, your still dealing with the inherint problems with the class. Now lets work to minimize these problems. Here is where I am with it, and where I would like most of the discussion focused.

    1. When to use your few tanking cooldowns - This is where many rogues I think go wrong.

    - Planar Refuge; Preemptive tanking buff. If your going into a situation you know will be hard to keep you up, pop it. If your getting low, and you hit it (as i see many do) 30% may not be enough to save you.

    - Scatter the Shadows; Brief damage removal, but not enough to make a diffrence in most fights. I look at this as a simple cloak of shadows (in that it removes all negitive status effects). Useful as a cleanse for effects that do heavy damage.

    - Side Steps; Our only GREAT cooldown IMO, and great for what it is. In physical heavy fights (and even in some not so heavy) it basically can make your dodge epic. Great for giving healers time to catch up after you just took a heavy damage phase. The best time for this is when you got unlucky, and trash/boss has bursted you down to below 50%.

    - Defer Death; This, and a few other things will encompass the majority of how I have been able to tank T2s. Defer Death can (and has often been) an instance wiper. I did, and i know many of you did this as well, removed it from my bar after a few WTF moments from healers. IMO, this is not a tanking cooldown to be used alone, but with our array of teleports.

    Situation - You get bursted down in a fight, or your just taking way too much damage. Lets say you pop defer damage at 10% hits. If you continue to tank, your dead in 10 seconds. Here is where we can shine. Blink, then teleport to the healer/ranged DPS when the mobs close on you. Now throw a slowing trap (if its not a boss), then port to your teleport pad, then cursor port again. In that time, you stopped the damage, and minimized your incomming for the duration of the buff. The healer topped you off, and then you take the damage recieved while kiting (if any).

    Here is how I have made it work. I moved from Evasion Tanking (where I wish we were), to Meat Shield Tanking (Just not effective), and finally to Kite Tanking (not consistently, just when we need a reprieve from damage).

    A few things to be aware of. First off, careful of line of sighting your healer. Happened to me a LOT when i first started doing it. Secondly, be aware that bosses will catch you pretty damn quick. Also, there are a lot of bosses where this isnt effective. Thats when its time to turn on the heavy healing. Thirdly, threat. When you jumping around and running like a scared little girl, your not building threat. Careful with this, as the DPS will probably be burning like crazy. Very easy to lose aggro (Though i usually pop my Rift Disturbance when they catch me, then blink out). Lastly, your going to piss off any AE damage character. Honestly, unavoidable. Most have been understanding, but occasionally you get the QQer who demands you stop running around. I just ignore it for the most part, its what we got, and were using it.

    Again, this isnt intended to be a QQ post, but an honest discussion on how to make it work. This is how I was finally able to advance to T2 tanking, and done with best in slot tanking gear from T1 instances and vendors (so its not like im trying to do something im not geared enough for).

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    BTW, I have also been following many of the posts on the forums, mainly the True confessions of a Rogue Tank. Seems like there are some good ideas out there, and good math to back it up. Just looking to make this work at 100%.

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    This thread is a bit of a mess..

    We do NOT take good damage
    Say what?
    Not too sure how you came to that conclusion, but with our actives up, we take GREAT damage..

    In regards to your spec..
    Not too sure where you got we lose a tanking cooldown.. you should check out the 7/51/8 build, you don't give up much at all, 22pt BD tanking spec is a joke.

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    So the 22 pt BD is you only going in 44 RS?
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    I don't know that I could disagree more with a thread.

    The amount of 'oh noes' cooldowns we have combined with our pure mitigation in the right spec is unbelievable.

    Especially with 11khp.
    "Well get used to it, because it's kind of my main move."

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