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Thread: Smoldering Blades

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    Default Smoldering Blades

    This is my logic, Daggers should do more damage than axes and swords because they swing faster, thus getting the smoldering blade proc to 6 faster and hitting the "burst" damage. So in order to test this I opened up my ACT and started off with a single dagger, a single axe, double daggers, double axe, single dagger and single axe (x2, one with dagger in MH and one with axe in MH) and simply just began to auto attack and parse for roughly 5 minutes

    Single Dagger: 2 "Burst" Procs
    Single Axe: 1 "Burst" Proc

    Double Daggers: 12 "Burst" Procs
    Double Axe: 6 "Burst" Procs

    Axe and Dagger: 5-6 "Burst" Procs

    Now this information would obviously make a lot of sense, two daggers would proc more smoldering blades because they attack faster. The single axe and single dagger, I'm not sure how that actually works, I switched it around between MH/OH and it didn't make a difference (figuring maybe the procs are only off a certain piece). I expected something more of around between 12 and 6 procs. Now the strange thing was, when I went to go test it with full rotations for approximately 3 minutes, the two daggers did less smoldering blades damage, but overall had more damage and DPS. The dagger/axe combo had more damage in smoldering blades, but overall less damage and DPS (The difference between was almost 1k damage). I didn't have another axe that was of equal DPS, but it shouldn't matter because the single axe/dagger still proc around the same as double axe. I'm thoroughly confused on how this turned out to be, so if possible, do some parsing and help a fellow rogue out =).
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