we fall behind cause unlike mages and cleric we dont have any dps talents that truely scale with points over 36

all the warrior + damage with(spells, 2handers, dw) per point spent caps out around 30 points in the tree(1.7x30 =51% caps at 50%)

were mages and clerics have 21+ points in tree abilitys with out a cap, and all clerics get a large bonus to what ever that soul does as a 36+ in tree ability..(heals ,hots, pet damage ect...)

give warriors and rogues something similar and boom not only do we stop the half this spec half that spec builds, but give encentive to specilize in a tree just like mages and clerics do now

if pvp balence is the "reason" not to buff hell make the bonus aplie to pve only

somethings gotta give

ps. a nerf to tanking is a nerf to everyone