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Thread: Nightblade Suggestion or two...

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    Default Nightblade Suggestion or two...

    So, been playing the class non-stop since first beta. (3/4 of my roles are nb main variations, the 4th being my riftstalker tank).

    Now, the spec i've been having the most success with in pvp is 44 NB / 22 RS, probably because it's the one I find the most fun and it just meshes really well.

    I'd say about 1/5 encounters in Warfronts end up being me dumping and going full out on some and not see they're health bar drop past 90%.

    I still haven't figured the main cause though.


    Healing Reduction: Fell Blades on paper looks like a beastly skill, technically it is. In open world pvp, If I see a solo or even a duo that include a healer of some sort, I can more times than none negate the healing enough to come out alive at the end. However, in warfronts even with the recent Bard/Chloro changes, Fell Blades just flat out fails. If i'd jump a lone healer in the back and burst him down, he would still come out of the fight with 100% hp. So then I picked up Anathema from the Infiltrator soul and low behold when stacking them on the healer WITH Cloudy Poison (25% cast time increase), they would still heal through every single thing I hit them with.

    Cooldown Reduction: It seems only natural that a "cooldown soul" should have a talent that reduces said cooldowns. I propose changing Eventide to a 2 point talent that reduces the cooldowns of Scourge of Darkness, Twilight Force, and Dusk Strike by 25%/50%; and Twilight Shelter, Twilight Transcendence, and Blackout by 12%/25%.


    I just feel that with Scourge of Darkness being our main "i'm gonna burst you down so fast!" skill, 30 seconds is way too long. If this was dropped to the 15 seconds with the talent, It would easily help us compete with warriors... pyros... well everyone.

    Primal Strike and Primal Death: I feel that adding Primal Strike to the Nightstalker talent is common sense... that's just me.

    So basically:

    tl;dr --

    1. Healing Reductions are useless.
    2. Too many cooldowns.
    3. Why the **** does Scourge of Darkness still strip Heat Retention stacks and not receive the 30% damage boost?!?!
    4. Primal Strike should be added to Nightstalker.

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    1. As a general observation, it is good balance that you are unable to solo gank a healer in a warfront situation with crossheals. Now, if you are unable to pressure them, then that is an issue. Personally, if I go solo some healerfag, I always put enough pressure on them to force them to stop keeping their team up. Even if they live, I win.

    2. Living Flame is goood. With Living Flame and Scourge, you can make a healer piss their pants in a serious "OH ****" fashion. I've 100-0'd very strong premade healers because they thought I was "just another Rogue" pew pewing on them.

    3. I have not yet run into a situation where I attack a non-tank with competent allied DPS assistance and they have not dropped at a reasonably good pace. Quad crossheals? Yes that would be a problem, but for that situation you need other specific strategies, like "VK IN THE FACE", or target switching + focus fire.

    4. Fell Blades is fine. It's rather potent, but not an "IWIN". The only thing I would suggest is reviewing the way it stacks with healer "+heal%" effects. It should be multiplicative. If it's additive, then that should be corrected.

    5. The NB cooldowns are fine. They are potent, and they are sufficiently long in cooldown.

    6. Primal Strike need to suck less in the general scheme of things, I agree. Wish that sucker were simply death damage straight up. Increase Primal Death's proc rate to 100% and reduce its damage slightly.

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    6: They would need to make the physical AP/crit procs be able to proc off things other than physical damage before all-death would actually be a good change. :/

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