So me and my buddy (3 heal spec Cleric) have been quest to quest killing about 8 guys at a time, i rolled sab shrapnel/bomb with carpet etc... i found shrapnel to be way more effective (threat dosnt matter he can heal me with 10 guys above our lvl on me). I came up with this build pretty much spam shrap for aoe and will also do great single target DPS. This is all PVE so im not going any survivability, just maximum dps so we can fly to 50.
im 29 at the moment. Here is the build and below ill share my concerns.

The 22 pts in sin allow the 15% dmg from charge booster.

Remember this is not for pvp, simply just to plow through 10 guys to 10 guys no downtime. bombs didn't seem to do as much as shrap.

Thoughts? im not worried about silent setup as i am trying to keep hate. i feel this will be maximum AOE dmg and single target dps as well. advice on minor or major tweeks?