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Thread: Sin PvP build im working on, which would be more beneficial?

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    Default Sin PvP build im working on, which would be more beneficial?

    Once again I'm back looking into builds and the experimentation continues so I'm looking for you number crunchers out there to tell me which would be more benefical?

    First up, we have a Sin/NB/Sab build at 40/14/12 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...ftofkdbR.V0xoh

    The idea is to make use of the Dex increase from Sabo to increase overall damage and the Stun reducer with the ability to use Adhesive bomb and charges if you get caught at a range greater than your firey spike and flame thrust can reach.

    Sin is taken to 40 points for Hidden Veil due to its usefulness in PvP

    Next up, we have a Sin/BD/Sab at 38/12/16 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...ftododbR.VV0Vz

    The idea here is to trade some survivability for a little bit more utility (sprint, side step & barraging blade) and to make use of the large increase to dex via stacking (30% + BD buff) again you also have the benefit of using charges if caught at ranged.

    Finally we have Sin/NB/Infil at 40/14/12 http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M...tofodbR.xb0R0b

    Again the sin build is for obvious reasons, but this time it makes use of the infiltrators bonuses and skills, not to mention combining Cloudy poison with Debilitating poison to become a very effective caster killer, this time you would be trading halved CC durations for break free so your reliance on slip away would reduce, however if you get caught with slip away or break free on cooldown, you get caught for full CC durations.

    So lemme know what you think would be the best path (Im aware of the benefits of 32 nb but I have a nb build I use and dont want to feel like I'm playing a Sin that wants to be a NB) and the number crunchers thoughts on the benefits of high dexterity bonuses.
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