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Thread: Decent dps build Ranged

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    Default Decent dps build Ranged

    was fiddling around in points and came across this spec

    so far it does some pretty nice DPS, and offers tons of armor reduction and so many AP buffs from pets and crits its pretty nice.
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    It would have to be pve only since you didn't choose any survival tools - and even then it's still not dps optimised through bad skill selections

    Try this one - same build 31R/26M/9N, yet smarter skill selections -


    Rotation - Crippling/piercing/barbed/quick*2/HS, aoe use trick shot to build combo's, mix your finisher with rapid fire shot for the attack speed. Barbed is optional of course - for straight dps on a still target then quick *3

    Gives your quick time to bleed, you still have bulls eye and H&R for burst, and you're survivability went up about 500% with improved repelling shot, getaway & hasty departure, while still having escape artist and swift/hasted if you need it - and your dps went up by a fair margin as well
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