As a preface, my main is a 50 Mage (Prebuff so I'm hipster like that); at that bracket PvP for Defiants is so bad that I decided to just play alts for my PvP fix. Tried a Cleric but it leveled really slowly and the melee classes were uninspiring.

So I tried a Rogue. A Bladedancer/Nightblade mix. 10-19 was some of the best PvP I had in my life. Weapon Barrage is like the best move ever. I can handle other melee no problem, and if I got the jump on a ranged they usually panicked and died. Might need some help on Clerics. Kicking FotM Mage butt was fun. PvE was fun, too. Dunno why I ignored the class for so long.

20-29? Ouch. I'm sure part of it is that I'm diving in as soon as I'm level 20, but nothing dies anymore. I can handle melee just fine still (unless they're Justicar with dumb selfheals out the wazoo), but the ranged ... man, the ranged. I need tips on specs or what I'm doing wrong. In particular, vs. healers and Mages with instant-cast CC. I have a hard time killing them before they kill me.

My usual plan of attack:

1. Stealth, move around to back in Black Garden or watch/ninja nodes in Codex.

2. Sap a straggler/key target that fell behind the zerg, wait for zerg to pull away.
3. Ebon Terror* -> Maim -> Keen Strike -> Precision Strike -> Keen Strike -> Quick Strike -> False Blade/Compound Attack

Most people tend to die after a rotation or two or three of this. I can handle cast times no problem, because their first instinct is to usually cast Life Leech/Fear/Deluge/Transmogrify, which I can just pushback until the last second and then interrupt, making it akin to a 7.5s or so silence.

However, it's just not doing enough damage against, say, Mages that are speccing partly into Chloro, or mostly any Healer, or a Justicar melee. I don't expect to kill the last one, but the prior two I figure I could at least have a chance with if I built myself right. Any tips would be appreciated - I've been considering just playing Bard support for a change of pace, or speccing further into Nightblade, maybe pick up Assassin or Marksman. I have all 9 souls to play with at the moment.

My current build (level 20):


*Ebon Terror. Does anyone else have a really annoying problem with this skill teleporting the target back a few paces? It usually happens when they're moving in one direction, so it's probably server latency, but is there any way to, uh, stop it from happening? It wastes some precious time when I have to reorient myself to my target being a few feet back.