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Thread: My Solo Questing Build

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    Default My Solo Questing Build

    For your review / use / discussion / etc. Currently 49 in blues and doing fine.

    I personally find this the most fun for quest grinding.

    Full speed unlimited stealth + sprint with 2x SAP for reaching quest objectives fast.
    Maxed stun benefits, and leeching for low downtime.
    Dodge with contra+tides for longer battles, with slip for emergencies.

    Simple rotations (it's solo, DPS is irrelevant)
    - Setup: Leech+Lethal+Combat Pose
    - Open: Stealth+Expose+Paralyze+3xSavage+Murderous (if low)
    - Repeat: 5xSavage+Final Blow
    - As Required: Foul Play, Poison Malice, Side Steps, Slip Away, Blade Tempo

    Throw on a slow mainhand for weapon damage to abilities, and a faster to off hand for poison application. Get as much +dex +melee crit on your gear as possible (other stats including armor rating not that important).

    Tweaking to be done;
    - NB only needs 8 points. 2 from Coupe De Grace could be elsewhere eg. Strike Back / Reprisal.
    - Blazing Strike > Final Blow? Only needs 2 points on finisher, freeing up 1 more.
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