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Thread: maximizing sab dps in a raid environment

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    Default maximizing sab dps in a raid environment

    after some tests ive found that sabs can still put out decent dmg HOWEVER they have to gear for it, and the standard melee+spite/shrapnel rotation just wont cut it 90% of the time.

    after testing i realize that spike charge, blast charge, and detonate NEVER MISS!

    this means you can go into greenscale with 0 hit and simply stack AP/crit in every single slot of your gear to get 50%+ crit and high AP with 0 total hit (yes 0, not 100 not 150 not 220 but 0)

    rotation will be spike x 5 -> blast x 5 repeat. i believe with the perfect gear you will trump all the other builds in dps since hit simply takes so many stats away from our gear.

    im currently working on a t2 gearset with no HIT, once i finish it ill post some parses on the RAID boss dummy with 0 hit and see how it does at ranged. im hoping to reach 650dps+ but of course if i cant then the study will be pointless...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hokonoso View Post
    im currently working on a t2 gearset with no HIT
    I know it would be a bit of a pain, but could you post some of the item details? I'm interested in what gear results in 0 hit...

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