Bard changes were too much...a knee-jerk reaction. I get changing the number of folks impacted by AOE healing, and I think its a good change. But moving the healing deeper in the tree (especially without increasing its strength) has seriously gimped this class (at lower levels especially).

With the exception of "invigorated soul" (which doesn't heal for much), you can't get any healing until you've put in at least 21 points into bard (Motif of Regen at 24).

Recommend moving motif of regeneration back to around 16pts so you can have a viable heal for early game (e.g. backup healing in IT), but still leaving the 21pt heal worth getting if you want to put in 21pts into bard.

Alternatively, please change "verse of encouragement" to something like, "plays a motif that increases the healing on up to 10 party and raid members DONE BY YOU by 10%" or something that putting 36 points into bard can make you an effective group healer...

OR change Triumphant Spirit to lead to a new 25-point level talent that gives another 10% increase in healing (for 25% total).

OR increase the healing levels for the healing verses/motifs/codas that we have.