TLR Would it be possible to have a survivability Buff.

I actually have no real problem with rogue DPS. It's not stunning, but nor has my guild had any problems clearing content thus far. (I kind of wish peeps would go back to looking at success a bit more binary - Can you and your team complete the dungeon. Then it can't be that bad)

I play 3 specs. Marks/Ranger. Bard. Sab. I enjoy all 3, and my groups (both Guild and PuG) are happy for me to take any for Experts. What I do notice when I'm out on my own, or PuG rifting is that my survivability is a bit poorer than I would expect. Bard has his healing, so he's alright. (Albeit a lot slower to kill things, so generally unused soloing) Sab has an advantage that he gets off a Finisher, before Agroing. Manger has his Warthog. Both of these suffer somewhat of what to do though if they do draw Agro. Sab just has to hope he can kill before he dies (and snare bomb is off CD). Manger has the old snare and push away. Both absolutely fine (Apart from the CD on both the Snare/Pushback is longer than I'd like for fun monster churning) except that if we agro more than one mob, it becomes extremely dicey - quite often a death. [Bard doesn't suffer as badly, due to Virtuoso->Heal,Blast,Heal etc]

Without serious investment in the sole Defensive tree (20 odd points or more), it's very tricky to find any Active defence skills - which is kind of missing a trick I feel. When I'm out and about, looking for Witchweave, it's kind of disheartening to see Warriors tag 6 mobs, kill them all with AoE in a similiar time (The AoE I have, just not and survive while doing it) it takes me to down my one mob.

To differeniate us from Warriors - who rightly have a fair bit more mitigation - would it be possible to get some sort of Active Dodge (Sounds sufficently Roguish) or ... well, you have good ideas.

[A Small thing - I've taken to Stealth Sapping if there is more than one mob - this kind of fails with Manger though, as the Pet will immeadiately jump across the map to eat it, as soon as the 45 secs is up, even if he's currently fighting someone else - Bug?]

I enjoy the game, and have resubbed. I think your doing a wonderful job with the quick turn around from suggestion to implementation. (Thanks for the Event Purple Rune going from accessory to On Use Item) Out of interest - do only peeps currently subbed get to post on the forum. That may be a problem considering some vocal minorities having an unconstructive attitude.

All the Best
The Purple Ranger