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Thread: Rogue Tanking T1/T2 Gear

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    Default Rogue Tanking T1/T2 Gear

    I had a few questions about tanking gear for myself that I figured could best be answered on here.

    Right now I have okay T1 equips: They net me 66 Toughness, 8.9k hp self-buffed, ~14% dodge including BD passives , and about 4% Parry, 4.9k armor with combo buffs and bard buffs up. My Dex is only around 340, but my dodge is somewhere near 500.

    I feel as though because I have to gear for toughness, I'm losing out almost completely on better pure dex gear for a higher damage mitigation through dodge. My question is whether or not dodge is even important to a rogue tank, or if I should be focusing more on just acquiring super high endurance items to the exclusion of all else.

    I mean, if I have a 1h weapon with 28 endurance, 10 dodge, 10 parry, or a weapon with 28 dodge, 10 parry, 10 end, assuming even +hit stats and dps, which would be the better choice?

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    You are probably not going to like the answer, but it is: It depends. If your healer can keep you up relatively well from spike damage (I know, rather subjective, but that's the way things are), then concentrating on avoidance and threat/dps will likely yield better results than the continue to stack EH (Health + Mitigation). However, if you are unsure (and you can maintain threat), then EH stacking is the "safe" method (Spike damage kills more often than the higher mana drain that low avoidance tanking causes)
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