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Thread: A Slight Buff for Marksmen

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    Default A Slight Buff for Marksmen

    I love this tree, lots of goodies, lots of interesting things for those who love the ranged physical damage type classes. However, the tree doesn't actually supply much damage. This of course is an opinion, shared by some at least, and was arrived at through Leveling from 1 to 50 as Marks, then grinding out 5 ranks of prestige. After several weeks of playing this tree almost exclusively, trying more than 30 different combinations, I cant help but conclude that this tree could benefit greatly from an ever so slight Buff. Or a more interesting course of action would be a rearrange of some talents, So that one might take advantage of the damage buffs available in the other rogue trees with out giving up too much of the fun stuff that makes Marksman Work in Pvp.

    Any thoughts?

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    A slight buff won't do anything for MM. When I can outdps my MM build as 42 nightblade 6 ranger from range by keeping up fiery spike and spamming quickshot + headshot/SoD, slight buffs won't save MM. The soul needs the damage of every shot + scaling increased, and a rework of some talents to be competitive.
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