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Thread: Proposed Sab "fix" Suggestions highly welcome

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    Default Proposed Sab "fix" Suggestions highly welcome

    Posted this in a dying thread, but title of that thread also doesn't match my proposal. My numbers are based off the "Infinite Monkey Theorum," since every blast charge is independant now.

    Here's my 2 cents on why Sabs got hit so hard:

    Detonate is a fairly weak ability damage-wise. Its main purpose is to set off Blast Charges. This is why I moreas envision Blast Charges as a finisher. When all 5 charges were split, the odds of doing substantial burst were **** on. A little bit of number crunching:

    If a Sab were to have a 20% crit rate - 1 crit happening is likely. Burst damage there is hardly staggering. The odds of 2 blast charges critting is (.2 x .2) a 4% chance of happening. This continues until the odds of all 5 blast charges critting are a whopping .032%. Hot freakin' d@mn.

    An average Sab went from a 20% chance of massive burst to a .032%. I realize Sab burst was OP but now a Sab's "element of suprise" burst is gone. I only tinkered around with Sab but I know it needs some fix. My proposed fix:

    Blast Charge needs more crit. Simple. I think 25% crit on Blast Charge (Maybe take off 15% bomb damage talent? They seemed rather useless damagewise to me, it was the effects I was after).

    Now, lets look at statistics with the previous Sab that now has a 45% crit chance with Blast Charge. Now, every detonate has a 20% chance of having 2 crits. Looking up from 4%. The odds of 4 critting with 45% Blast Charge crit is now 4%, actually. The odds of all 5 critting sums up to be 1%. Not highly plausable but better than .032% and not OP as 20% all or none.

    Bat outta hell

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    Sab is still the best rog soul rofl.. whole calling needs fixed

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    Sabs were already fixed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stigas View Post
    You seem to be happy with Eradicate. I'm glad. The longer it stays in, the better. It's a non-threat spec. You're there to Purge things. I can avoid that by either making sure you're focused first, to which you have no answer, or I can go Pyro or SC and let you Eradicate all day.

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    Who used x5 blast charges to begin with?

    Hoping for a crit isn't exactly smart gameplay.

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