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Thread: Gear stats

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    Default Gear stats

    Is it just me? or does it seem like the stats on gear are useless? (all but endurance and critt)

    I stripped down to nothing but my undies and weapons to see if i could see a huge difference with my dps.

    Only thing i noticed was my critts not as good, but that was about it, it seems that dex and str really don't help much at all.

    So, has anyone noticed this? is everyone just stacking endurance and critt? or am i just wrong?

    I haven't gotten to do any T1 or T2 stuff yet so i don't have any of the better gear yet so that may be why.

    Any comment's from people who have gotten this gear would be nice.

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    A) Add magic resist stat to all gear. Every class has physical damage reduction based on armor value yet melees have 0 magic resist stats from gear; now with buffed mages this really needs to be looked at.

    B) So many 100% endurance stat item that is in the game. WISH they would add items with 100% str or 100% dex as well.

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