I read a lot in forums about rogues, but very often all who speak are already 50 ;
I'm not playing a lot, and I am 99% solo ;
I'm 23 and tested a spec with 23 Bard 7 assassin and NB.

Before the big patch, I had no problem taking 3 or 4 mobs with the bard spec (motif of regen rocked). Right now, when I go to fight some level 23/24 mobs, if I am jumped by and add while fighting I am not far to die.
May be getting the motif back at 24 would be enough for being able to kill non stop if I want to ?

But may be this is not at all the best soul combo for that ? I tested a 23 BD (rest in assassin) but I am not convinced this is better in terms of DPS/survivability. Seems to kill well, but is a bit squishy. May be this would be a good combo if 3d one was Riftstalker ?

I need some advice, if you please, because with my actual speed of leveling, I guess I won't be 50 before a looooong delay.

P.S. of course, to complicate the thing, I bet my way of fighting is not at all the best, this is the first time in my life that I play a meleer, I always have been a caster. But That's another story. Here I want BLOOD. dammit. Not mine.

thanks for any advice. (another thing : NO PET, I already played that way with a caster, I wanna change).