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Thread: Saboteur PvE (solo) & PvP builds

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    Default Saboteur PvE (solo) & PvP builds

    Hey Community

    I stopped playing my Saboteur since Trion decided to purge the Saboteur class from the game.
    I only have him to level 30, but at this time I find myself really missing the class. I want to go back, but not sure how to make him up at this point. Since the the patch I haven't even placed points into him (been playing my Shaman).
    For solo (pre-patch) I was...
    Ranger (6 pts up to crip shot and wanted Pig to tank)
    Riftstalker (13 pts up to Riftscavanger for self heal)

    Any ideas which way to go for Solo PvE at this point?

    Also, I never created a PvP build. Was looking for ideas (always used above build).
    I would like to call myself a Saboteur. I say that because I've seen Saboteur builds where they are actually more heavy in Ranger or another soul.

    Any thoughs would be nice.
    Just like the idea of the Saboteur, but after the patch, I wonder if the Soul is now worthless...maybe I should just keep playing my cleric.
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    Saboteur is no longer an option for me. There are better Rogue builds, and some are actually quite fun, but none are as dynamic and fun as my Sab. The damage just isn't there, along with such poor survivability. There are players out in WFs who still are holding a grudge against Sabs from the days when we were actually very good and blowing people up like Pyros do now. So they see me coming and attack as soon as they see me flinging charges.

    The only advice I would give if you insist on making a Sab is to put alot of points into the Soul. With the change to Detonate, you can increase damage output that way, as well as taking 15 points in Nightblade and a few points in either Ranger or Assassin.

    Good luck with it.


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