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    Hi im looking for a good pure Riftstalker Tank spec. and a something pure Melee Dps spec. with rotation suggestions.

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    My tanking spec:

    Planar Shift to target (whichever is up, priority going to Shadow Blitz)
    Guarded Steel (pop a few combo points to get it up, increases your threat)
    Rift Guard (get this up following Guarded Steel)
    Phantom Blow (build to 3stack and reapply before it drops)
    Rift Disturbance (good for aoe threat)
    Planar Strike (your filler move for threat)
    *Annihilate (use as finisher if your other buffs are up and aren't in danger of dropping before you can build up enough combo points again)

    Taunts: you have your single target and aoe, use when needed.

    The only real time you take much damage is in the beginning of a fight, so in the case of trash you may want to use some defensive cooldowns in the beginning when pulling tougher packs.

    Basically if you can keep Guarded Steel, Rift Guard and Phantom Blow constantly rolling and you have aggro on the mobs, you are doing it right. Don't stress about your dps as the extra effort is incredibly unrewarding.

    As for melee dps, find a spec with a focus on Nightblade with Assassin as its secondary. There are multiple on this board if you look.

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