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Thread: Why Melee souls for Rranged dps ???

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    Default Why Melee souls for Rranged dps ???

    OK i know why ppl take up to felblades fpr arguments sake - the question is really why should a ranged dps class have to take nearly all of a melee soul to be effective as ranged - surely the ranged souls should be good enough to pvp/pve and give all that is needed to do so - are these souls just irredeemably broken ?- even the melee souls seem to out dps the ranged - just a subjective feeling i admit, i have no numbers. Just strikes me as odd.

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    Ranged souls are okay... certain melee souls just make them better (nightblade). Why pass up 15% extra damage and/or 20% increased crit damage when it applies to both melee and ranged?

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    Odd thing is melee souls have more that complement the range souls than the range souls do for eachother.

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