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Thread: Bard and Ranger

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    Default Bard and Ranger

    I love to solo PVE but also do some group work. I am just starting and love how I can kill several mobs at my level with my pet and healing song. I am just wondering if anyone has had good success with doing 51 points into Bard and 15 into Ranger? I have seen posts where the Ranger pet stops being effective at a certian level if you do not put enough points into the tree but can not find the post. Any feed back would be great.


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    15 points in ranger is a waste. Pet caps at 30, so that alone is a waste. If you only want 15 points into a ranged soul do MM or sab. In fact I think for 15 points sab would be a better choice than MM. Ranger tree I think you need at the very least 31 points for the raptor pet, maybe more points to prevent it from getting owned on every AE.

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