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Thread: A complete guide to rogue suggestions, and ways to improve the class.

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    Default A complete guide to rogue suggestions, and ways to improve the class.

    So, as many people have said on the forums, Rogues are not in a gret place right now. The goal of this thread, is to create a list of problems, and possible solutions to said problems.


    Problem: Low Sustained DPS.

    Comments: Assassin is in a very good place in PvP right now Good amounts of control, without being to much control, nice snap burst. However, these do not translate well into PvE.

    Solutions: Backstab. The damage on our main nuke is lackluster. This would be a good place to start, without breaking PvP. A good PvPer is not going to let a rogue stand behind them and wail on them, however, it is critical to our PvE damage. Damage could be upped, or cause it to bypass some armor on non-Player mobs. Our 51 point talent is very lackluster, and does not merit the points required to get that deep in Sin. This however, is a common theme and I am not worried much about it.

    Problem: No gap closer/compensation for movement.

    Comments: I know, I can go RS for SS, but this means no BD for AA damage, no 5% hit. It's just too brutal of a trade off. Many many fights depend heavily on movement, and Sin is just not viable here.

    Solution: Many. Some kind of damage boost when moving without attacking (possibly too good in PvP), some kind of ranged attack would be best. Physical attack, talented, that can help to offset the massive loss in DPS time from not being 2 feet from the boss is my suggestion.

    Problem: Relying too heavily on Stealth

    Comments: Whenever a Sin attacks from stealth, he/she gets a damage buff. However, too much of our damage is tied to this ability that can only be used once every 2 minutes.

    Solution: Roll some of the damage into our nukes for better sustained, remove some of the damage from the talent. What about 10% more damage, down from 15%, and 1% more damage on all ability's?


    Problem: Deep tree is lackluster

    Comments: Of all the successful NB tress I have seen (600+dps) almost all skip over talents like EWE, Eventide, Both points in MS, and CDs.

    Solution: Buff them. From what I've seen Deep NB is not brokenly good in PvP right now, so some of these talents could easily be upped in effectiveness. Maybe for EwE, when SB poison is on, your Blazing strike hits x% harder.

    Problem: CDs are bad.

    Comments: No, I am not talking about Ebon Fury. For this example, I will use our 31 point talent, DtD. No matter how much I have tested it, the DPS increase from it is not very high, unless I have a massive energy surplus, which only tends to happen at range right after running away.

    Solution: Reduced energy cost on CDs like Dusk To Dawn, and the 51 Point talent LF. A cd should not interrupt so much of your rotation that it becomes less valuable.


    Problem: Squishiness

    Comments: (Anecdotal evidence): I have run a good deal of experts. I have seen under-geared warriors go through T1s easy. Ive seen over-geared warriors burn through. But I have seen very few RS tanks, and the few that I have seen were taking big big hits. I saw a RS tank with more health and better gear then most Warriors I've run with, and our healer, someone who I've run with often before, had trouble keeping her up.

    Solution: ?????? I'm not sure how to fix this problem. Having to maintain multiple strikes for avoidance and armor can lead to bad burst early in the fight. Also, I think some Stalker Phase buffs should be made permanent for RS.

    Problem: Threat

    Comments: This problem is tied directly to the CP system. As any long time tank will tell you, you tab target a lot. RS doesn't have this luxury, it's 5 CP, finish, tab. This is a little bit rough on Snap threat on multiple mobs, with all AoE threat gens on CD.

    Solutions: Make anyone who has the most points in their spec in RS's CP transfer to any new target, even if a finsher hasn't been popped.


    Problem: Squishy pet

    Comments, It took WoW years to realize that pets should not be getting constantly roflstomped by AoE ability's. Rift knows this.

    Solution: Same WoW used. 90% damage reduction from AoE effects.

    This is by no means a complete list though I hope to make it so, these are just the problems I have experience with in souls that I play. If you have any other ideas, or can see any other problems, please, post here.
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