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Thread: A friendly suggestion/request concerning rogues

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    Default A friendly suggestion/request concerning rogues

    Let me start by saying that I play assassin mainly so my views on this may be a little partial.

    It is a well known fact/ issue that rogues are lacking in many regards and I woulod like to make some suggestions that may or may not help.

    Historically in MMOs rogues have been good for either dps or dealing with things like traps(which I haven't yet noticed here so may be moot) Anyhow let me go into the issue that seems relavant to Rift DPS.

    I'll start with assassin since it is what I generally play. PvPwise I find myself able to get the element of surprise well enough, but not all the time which is all fine and good. The problem I find is not being able to finish a vast majority of the time. So for this I ask you to consider something like.. The actual ability to "assassinate" get it? It's even in the name. a small chance, maybe like 5% but a chance nonetheless to cancel someone Christmas, seeing as that what the name implies.

    As far as other issues, like PvE. It is common knowledge again that the rogues are lacking. They were ok enough to solo level before you took the motif of regeneration away from anyone with a 51 point build in anything else but enough about that. My intent is to make the different variationns usefull to a group.

    The bards are ok for the most part, they have baby heals, buffs and whatever to be the utilitarian they are.

    Assassins in PvE should be one of the top melee dpsers in my opinion, we get beat most anything else dpswise making us virtually useless. perhaps up our dps a little and give us maybe something that can interupt or momentarily stun a boss to make us of some reasonable use?

    Rangers.. Traditionally have been great range dps in games. here they have pets and not too sure what their dps is but is should be somewhere close to a mages. and for marksmen, I feel they should do better range than rnagers because they have no pet and should be on par with casters.

    Ther are other issues I am sure need adressing. but these are just some lowly suggestions that I have thought about. I plan on staying assassin regardless. just because I want to stay true to myself and enjoy the game to best of my abilities. I would like to be able to be of more use in dungeon groups with this build though and not have to be asked to just be bard for my only option.

    lets try and make the game fun for everyone.

    P.S. I am glad that you fixed sabs being so OP. that is the one sould I have refused to even quest just because I thought they were ***.
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