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Thread: Nightblade = Resist! (pve solo leveing)

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    Default Nightblade = Resist! (pve solo leveing)

    I (lvl46) really like my heavy nightblade paired with riftstalker spec when solo leveling. For me, its the most fun soul to play except for one problem. Resists. I find that every npc or player i face gets a very high resist rate vs all nightblade abilities.

    I understand RNG and what not but with this soul, resists happen every 3-4 moves. I mean its just ******ed how much dmg i wind up taking because my dusk strike was resited, on top of my ebon fury coupled with my blazing strike. Just means more downtime. I dont have this problem with BD, or Sin, or ranger.

    My question is how do i reduce the number of resists this soul creates? Do i really need to get 5pts in bladedancer to increase hit chance by 5%? Or does the NB soul just designed poorly in regards to resistance? As far as i can see in the NB tree itself their are no talents that reduce the chance your ATTACKS are resisted.

    Any oppinion or comments is helpful. Flame away if you must!

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    I've noticed this on my bard/ranger/nb build as well. I don't think adding +hit will help much as some of the abilities nb uses count as spells which +hit hasn't any effect. It would help Ebon of Terror, but not fire damage from Blazing Strike (weapon damage would be applied at least more consistently. Imo developers need to fix this all finishing moves should have can't be dodged, resisted, or avoided which should apply to Blazing Strike.

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