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Thread: So.. macros?

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    Default So.. macros?

    I am quite new to this whole macro thing, but what I mainly want to do is to have all my motifs together in the same macro, to keep my ui a bit more clean. Not sure if this is possible unless you use spells with a cd though?

    Or can I make it in a way so if, for example;

    First spell on the macro is: Motif of Bravery
    Second spell is: Motif of Restoration

    can i make it in a way so that if i click the macro the first time it will cast Motif of Bravery, then if i reclick it it will cast Motif of Restoration if the Motif of Bravery is up?

    Not sure if this is possible, just would be nice to have them all on the same button as they got the same duration and everything. If not, does anyone have any other tips for bard macros that are handy?

    /rambling end

    Thank you. We're all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.

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    unfortunately not.

    you can however use a modifier like shift, alt and ctrl (also nothing+macro) to make the same macro do different things i believe.

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