Hi all, I'm new to the game and thinking about rolling up a rogue. By the time I'm max level I assume balance will have shifted again so I don't really care if the calling is UP at the moment at 50.

Unfortunately, the sheer number of combinations in this game is very intimidating to a new player and I have no clue what is viable and what isn't. I'm mainly looking for something that's solid in low level warfront pvp, like 10-19 and 20-29 bracket or so.

A lot of the rogue souls appeal to me. Bard and Saboteur both look fun even though they were nerfed, but I have no clue how viable they are now as a main soul.

As far as ranged DPS goes it would seem like the way to go would have to be Ranger/Marksman or Marksman/Ranger, but again I have very little idea about what to focus on.

For melee DPS I'm even more in the dark as I can't say that I have a good sense of the difference between Assassin, Nightblade, and Bladedancer.

I get what Riftstalker does and I understand that many people advocate getting Rift Scavenger for solo PVE (although this may not be true anymore as it was nerfed, yes?), but 13 points is quite a lot of investment at low levels for a support ability which doesn't even seem like it would be that useful in pvp.

Anyway, I'd really appreciate any advice you all have!