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Thread: My very...interesting Sab. Build. (Mostly farming...)

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    Default My very...interesting Sab. Build. (Mostly farming...)


    This is my wacky build. I have it as an OS role for mob farming, but I want to see what you think about it.

    What you get from this build?

    Silent Setup - Ability to setup your charges without threat, and have ranger spec with pets.. you have to turn them on passive to setup, which is *very* annoying.

    30% Additional Dex. which increase crit, dodge (I think), and attack power

    15% Increased damage from your finishing moves

    Dodge + 5%

    Hit Chance + 5%

    Why is dodge so important?

    Because this is what happens when you dodge while using this tree...

    Parry/Dodge increases your DMG by 10% for 10 seconds. And to be 100% honest, with this build you will dodge quite a bit...

    Whenever you dodge an attack you have a 100% chance of the next combo generating attack to generate an addition combo point.

    Increases your energy by 20 points! =O

    You also gain these useful abilities'

    Side Step - +50% dodge for 15 seconds 2 Min CD
    Dex. Self/Raid Buff
    Conceal and lost hope are always great for planning bigger pulls

    Before they made each charge have there own crit ability I was sometimes hitting for 3.1-3.3k on detonate. Usually on the second set of 5 charges (if needed). I have tested this in non-expert dungeons, and I am not geared (I have 3 epics that are pres. rank 2 epics) the rest are greens, 2 blues.

    So what do you think? Like my super dodge and cirt happy sab?

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    My rotation so everyone know.

    First I go ahead and place my 3-5 charges of Spike Charge (you still need max charges) on my mob, the only reason I do this is because typically for a mob level 50 by the time he gets in melee range, he is at (if not less) then 60% health because of the 300-500 damage over time ticks.

    When the mob is close to you click him so that you can melee him as you setup your additional charges. Great little additional DPS, even better if you want to put points into your auto-attack talent vs. points in another area.

    By the time you have enough charges to kill the mob you (most likely, and nearly 100% sure) you have the +10% damage bonus, plus you you may have dodged an attack that granted you an additional combo point.

    This is how my build works, and if you over pull just use sidestep, all the dodges will keep up your additional damaging procs + award additional combo points.... so sometimes more then 1 mob is idle to be bashing you.

    Im going to make a you tub video showing you the damage output of this spec against 50 mobs pulling about 5-8 at once... and let you see it.

    I also have 4 more sab. trees that are quite interesting as well i will post them soon.

    Comments are welcome, I really want to know what you thank!!!

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