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Thread: 3rd Class Customers

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    Default 3rd Class Customers

    If you play a rogue you are a 2nd class customer - If you play a ranged soul you are a 3rd class customer -
    You pay the same money as everyone else but get an inferior game experience - and TRION expects ppl to hang around and keep paying for this sub par rubbish - im so angry at the unfairness of it all that it cant be good for my well being - such high hopes dashed - oh well should have known better - time to blow the dust of the golf clubs - enjoy it guys its a great game if you chose the right role

    AND NOW - all the halfwits and 12 year olds can come in with their witty and pithy replies

    1/ You wont missed
    2/ Can i have your stuff
    3/ Can i have your stuff - oh wait - itll be worse than mine

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    I'm actually 11 years old and I'm going to tell you to:

    1) Grow up
    2) Play some other calling while you wait for the next fotm rogue soul build
    3) Stop posting useless posts and come up with suggestions what it is you want fixed

    Meanwhile I'll go play my rogue and have fun with my friends in T1/2 and raiding. BB.

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