First of all, this is not a QQ rogues suck thread. Second I would like to see legitimate suggestions.

One problem I see is that almost every competitive build HAS to include BOTH Assassin (17pts) and Nightblade (10-13pts). That leaves only 1 soul left for versatility. This is BAD.

I suggest removing the 2 talents from Nightblade, Blazing Fury (15% damage to combo generators) and Coup de Grace (15% damage to Finishers). Increase ALL damage for rogues by 10% to compensate. This leaves a spot for Improved Stealth in the Nightblade tree with one spot left to put in some form of anti-cc or cooldown that rogues need.

This change will free us rogues from HAVING to take the same 2 trees in EVERY build to be competitive.