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Thread: Best Assassin build for lvl 40

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    Default Best Assassin build for lvl 40

    I tried the Blade Dancer grinding spec and found it killed very slowly compared to this one

    With stealth not working as well as it did , remember to use the lvl 40 skill hidden veil alot more .

    I always start with

    Jagged Strike -- Puncture --> Final Blow ( or Impale ) depending on how much HP the enemy has

    then i just spam the 1 button attack button to get as many points as possible for the heal .

    use a 1 button attack macro

    cast Puncture
    cast Foul Play <--- optional
    cast Savage Strike


    The weakness of this spec is that its so fast at killing you might not get 5 combo point heal .

    Strength is that it kills fast
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    Personally, I'd put fewer points into Assassin so you have more points for Riftstalker. RS is the perfect companion soul for Sin, and imo, you gain far more damage/utility by putting all those points you spent just to get Hidden Veil and Debilitating Poison so you can take advantage of Stalker Phase's damage bonus and Stun/Snare/Root removal.

    I'd also question why you put points into Double Cross. It's not like you're attacking things from behind all that often while leveling (unless you're in a group or have a pet-but I'm pretty sure that doesn't apply to you since you didn't take Backstab). You might be surprised at how much damage your poisons can do with smart application of your soul points and keeping Baneful Touch rolling (and with 60 s duration, coupled with smart use of healing from combo points in Riftstalker Tree, your downtime should be non-existent so as to keep Baneful Touch up constantly while grinding/questing).

    I also am not fond of 3 points in Serrated Blades. Weapon Damage is such a small amount of damage (for all classes), that the bleed damage is very negligible while leveling. One point in that skill if you want just a little more insurance of popping other rogues out of Slip Away (though Puncture alone can usually do the trick, especially since you have Physical Trauma). Though that's a bit of utility that's only of any real use if you're leveling on a pvp server I suppose.

    As far as your third soul goes, that's more of a personal choice I guess. I used Ranger so I had a ranged finisher available. Found that far more useful than dodge, though again...I leveled on a pvp server.

    Lastly, Expose Weakness can be used at range and while in stealth without aggroing the target. There's absolutely no reason for you not to apply it to a mob (or player) as you are approaching it first.
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