Now I'm pretty much a full-time tank, and so far I haven't collected anything worthwhile for DPS gear. Because of this, for my testing I'll be wearing full t1 tank gear (including my Planar Focus).

BD-32 / Sin-18 / NB-16

I was actually surprised at how well I did considering the circumstances, and with what was a shaky rotation.

Pulled 445dps Self-Buffed (as stated in full-tank gear)

Arafeek's Damaging Abilities Chart

Combat Prep
Hellfire Blades
Lethal Poisons

#show Keen Strike
Cast Precision Strike
Cast Quick Strike
Cast Keen Strike

Combo Rotation
Expose Weakness (when I remembered)
Puncture/Dusk Strike on c/d
Macro Spam

Finisher Rotation
Dauntless Strike (+5%crit for 60secs)
Baneful Touch (Poison-coated weapon damage increased by 50% for 60secs)
Deadly Strike the rest of the time

2Min Buffs
Poison Malice (use everytime its up)
Blade tempo (use everythime its up)
Double Coup (Only spam KS macro for it's duraction)
Ebon Fury (Spam Dusk Strike for it's duration)

Now I have never used this on anything besides a dummy, and haven't touched this build til tonite. I imagine someone with more experience, and gear to make this work would have far better results.

Feel free to test or bash away. But plz post your results =)