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Thread: idea for MM 51 point skill

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    Default idea for MM 51 point skill

    i thought about it a bit and it could be better for a 51 point skill to do something more useful(both PVP,and PVE... mainly PVP)
    the problem is that MM cant stand and cast because if someone stand near him he cant attack when "close combat quarters" on CD.
    so it seems fair the the 51 point pedestal will also allow the MM to attack from melee range with ranged attacks.

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    They should give MM wall hacks, the damage is so pitiful it's not like being able to shoot through walls would even matter/
    Quote Originally Posted by Dink View Post
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    go play a fps pvp in mmorpgs did nothing but bring out the worst in the cummunity
    In one post, you've managed to bring out the worst in capitalization, punctuation and spelling.

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    Give me my beta MM back and get rid of the casting time on Deadeye.

    MM fixed.

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