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Thread: A Reasonable Attempt At QQing

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    Default A Reasonable Attempt At QQing

    I play a rogue sab. Not superbly, but decently. Predominantly PvE. T1s, T2s, I could hold my own DPS. Raid rifts, could hold my own. Not as high as the mages or warriors, but within a hundred or so of the former on single targets, and with enough utility for it to not matter to me.

    I've tried a few other builds, with different souls, but found their PvE usage largely lacking; the DPS was generally lower, as was the utility.

    Guildmates have found a few that do comparable damage to what I was ekeing out pre-patch, though I don't have much experience with them. I won't insist they don't exist.

    But it's pretty clear that finding a perfect balance that qualifies is damned hard, and even then, still puts us last in DPS terms. As others have whined, our tank spec isn't particularly useful, being nowhere near as competitive as warrior or cleric. Our healing options are singular, one soul, and can only fill one role, supportive AoE heals...we were definitely third in healing, and now are even more distant with the latest nerfs.

    I don't really care to whine about these latest changes. I agree they were poorly made, and need to be rectified. There currently is no reason to play a rogue. Clerics beat us in every way, mages beat us in both healing and DPS, and warriors beat us in both tanking and DPS. Rogues -have- to be addressed, if Trion wants people playing as them. You will lose players if they remain in game the way they are, as guilds will actively avoid recruiting them.

    As a player, I haven't decided what I'm going to do. I definitely don't want to reroll; no slight to Trion, but leveling isn't so much fun I feel compelled to go do it again. I also haven't decided whether it would be better to just cancel my account and walk away, now, before I feel even more invested, or to stick it out.

    What I will say, though, is that I suspect a number of people are in much the same situation I am. Nevermind the QQers, the ragequitters who have already left...there are those of us who are fairly silent, considering the situation, and who are debating whether or not we really want to stick around.

    All I would ask from Trion is developer response. It will be much easier to walk away if, as tomorrow ends the month, they have not responded to this issue, in at least a statement of "We recognize the problem and are looking to improve rogues in X, Y, and Z areas". I understand that it may be quite hard to both figure out and implement balance tweaks to make us useful again (even the obvious, put sab back the way it was so we have at least one semi-useful PvE DPS spec, and change how it behaves in PvP, would take time to code, test, and roll out. Though ideally, all the offensive specs would be tweaked up, and bard and riftstalker would be improved). Whereas if I hear something that at least acknowledges developer recognition of the issue, I'd be more inclined to wait and see, even if it means I'm currently a pariah.

    Really, any sort of feedback would be nice. A deployed update with, in the patch notes "We are currently reviewing rogues and will be shortly looking to improve their role in Telara" or something, so everyone can see it. I've been really impressed with Trion's responses for the most part so far, but this really is the most significant issue I've run into, and will likely influence me greatly as to my response to the game, now and, should I continue my account, in the future.
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