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Thread: Why Rogues Are Rerolling/Quitting

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    Default Why Rogues Are Rerolling/Quitting

    To Whom it May Concern,

    For the first time in any MMO I've played in the last ten years, RIFT is the first game to make rogues/melee "look" more appealing than a healer class; oh how very wrong I was with that assumption. I'm sure you're aware of the crying done all over the forums, and besides the Everquest forums, I've never been one to join in on any discussion online (WoW's playerbase was very lame forum wise.) the only reason I am beingin myself into this now is because I'm up for renewal soon and I, like many others, REALLY enjoy this game but will be canceling if nothing is said or done about the rogue class.

    Rogues have arguably five dps souls: Assassin, Nightblade, Marksman, Ranger and Saboteur; Bladedancer's gimmick being for solo play, Bard our support class and Riftstalker being our tanking option. Out if those five options there have been few parses that put our builds (you know, the guys who are supposed to do damage) up on the list. We don't need a nerd to the other classes, we just need an increase to something in our calling.

    On top of our sub par DPS, our support role is bunk. The group I run T1s and T2s with, we use a chloromancer for MAIN HEALS. On a very few boss fights I switch to Bard and only provide a Cadence heal. That makes Mage's support greatly stronger than Bards support. More so, with chloromancer and bard, he's coming out with at least 400-500 DPS and 500+ HPS. He's effectively doing the same damage as a DPS rogue can maintain, while healing a group.

    The tanking situation is a joke. Riftstalker has to be the coolest idea I've ever heard of, bu again, Riftstalkers are so subpar. Granted I've never rolled with a Cleric tank in Experts, the rogue tank isn't cutting it. That now puts us under in tank, healing and DPS. PVP is a whole nother bother itself, but I'm a PVEr who just plays on a PVP server. PVP shouldn't be balanced 1v1 but for group play; it seems like rogues are not in the rock paper scissors equation. Warriors either tank us to death, or faceroll us with Riftblade. Clerics can generally out heal what ever we are doing to them, but what do you expect against a calling with second most armor value, healing and more HP. With mages it seems mostly who ever gets the jump, but I can easily dispatch any Mage I find who isn't a Phromancer effortlessly.

    With all that said, the ideas and style of the Rogue calling is astounding and fun. The numbers, however, are not there and it's no fun. I am not an elitist but a good person. Why the he'll should I expect a position in raids if I can't perform as well as a warrior is half my gear. On the other spectrum, why should I have to worn twice as hard as another player (AND) doing it in a spec I hate, but it's the only viable spec. We have moved far away from the EQ days of only certain choices for viability.

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    I agree with pretty much all of this OP. Rogues in rift are so much fun imo and I had a blast leveling up as an Assassin / Nightblade / Bladedancer and did fine in both PvE and PvP. But as soon as you hit 50 it pretty much all changes, we become sub-par DPS in PvE compared to other DPS souls and in PvP we are pretty much just pointless.

    Can't really comment on Riftstalker though, as every tank Ive been with in experts has been a Warrior.
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