People say:

"You should be on par in DPS, you shouldnt do more dps then my cleric/warrior/mage"

What people forget to think about is what the classes bring to a group except the DPS

A rogue such as a Saboteur or a Marksman brings absolutly nothing to a group when it comes to groupbuffs, healing or CC, neither does NB, Assassin etc.
The only one with some buffs and a little selfheal, that takes a long time to cast and only tick for 100 every second is bard, and you have to spec high into it to get anything good from it so its not viable as a healer as offspec.

A cleric can DPS more then rogue right now, all while beeing able to heal and buff the group quite alot. Dispelling mobs and curing friends.

A Warrior also have more cc and better groupbuffs in their DPS souls, ontop of having more armor and hp, they also have better souls for offsouls to contribute to themselves and the group.

Mages are almost at the same lvl as Rogue, but since chloro offers better heals and groupbuffs at lower ranks in chloro as a offspec, and have just as much cc as a rogue, and pyro taking less damage then rogue when higher specced into it, their a little better.

So you cant really say all classes should do 700DPS without checking what else they can do

going by this i think it should be:

Rogue best single target DPS melee and ranged followed by Warriors
Mage best AoE damage followed by Clerics

Maybe clerics even should be after warriors and rogue on AoE becouse they contribute alot to groups in other ways while DPS specced that other callings cant