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Thread: Ideas On Rogue Viability Going Forward:

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    Default Ideas On Rogue Viability Going Forward:

    I have two simple ways that Trion can improve the rogue class without upsetting the "balance"
    1. Give the Rogue class 4 more bag slots. This one change will allow all the players who are devastated by the changes to justify the character by using his rogue as an AH Mule.

    2. Give the Rogue class the ability to max out every crafting and gathering skills. Again, anyone not happy with the changes could use his rogue in a gather/create capacity to support his main toon.
    Post up your thoughts on making the Rogue TRULY a support class.
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    That this post found it to page three is reprehensible. It's the best one I've seen since I started playing Rift. "find some balance in your life..." Some people could learn from that. Not only is it an awesomely hilarious post, but informative too. +10 internets.

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