This is ******** we do no damage at all now, think about it before we would crit someone 4k damage but, think about it while we are putting those charges on we dont do any damage, and it takes 6-8 secs to place the charges, now it takes the same about of time butwe do 1800-2800 damage?( this damage test was off of a dummie also(LOL) i dont wanna even see it on someone with valor and armor) warriors crit me for 1200 with 1 swgin pyros hit me for 4k while there dots and **** are going off, we were a glass cannon before and now we are still a glass cannon but with no damage, just becuase a bunch of little kids cry becuase they see a big number remember that, that big number is damage all done at once over 6-8 secs if you took others peoples damage over 8 secs and put it into 1 number you would have to nerf everyone, So GG Now we do 1800 damage every 8 secs and have to pray they cant heal and hopewho ever we fight is below level 46. Start rolling another class or quit the game rogues cause the wheels just fell off.