Rogues no longer have a viable ranged spec for single target dps in PVE. The highest I've heard so far is a ranger build (go figure) with the 40 DPS ranged weapon pulling 650. Thats pretty low for maxed out gear. Saboteur was actually a really nice spec for PVE and i think that if it was left alone the mage buff today would have put them right in line at where they should have been as well. It's sad that a spec such as this was killed because it performed too well in PVP. Warriors were hit in the patch today as well but from what i am hearing they are still pulling over 1k even though it is melee.

Please take a look at a ranged spec for rogues. If saboteurs have been scrapped perhaps alter the marksmen / ranger damage to be sustained constant damage instead of relying so much on a high damage finisher.