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Thread: Feedback on low level PvP build

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    Default Feedback on low level PvP build

    Hey Guys,

    I've been contemplating a build I want to try to Warfronts in the 10-29ish range. The build uses the souls Bard/Assassin/Nightblade. Here is an outline of the key talents in the build:


    The concept of the build is to get the early talents in Assassin and Nightblade that buff finisher damage, then use cadence (and sometimes power chord) to very quickly build up combo points while healing and supporting the raid group.

    Once the combo points are built up, wade into combat and unleash a +30% final blow, and then wade back out again all the while twisting motifs.

    Does this sound like something that could work? I'm trying to find a way to best leverage the bard's ability to build up combo points quickly to increase my damage.
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