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Thread: Splash of Riftstalker or Bladedancer for pve/pvp?

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    Default Splash of Riftstalker or Bladedancer for pve/pvp?

    So I am around level 40 atm. I mostly play Assassin or Nightstalker as main spec and LOVE these 2 trees.
    Problem is of course survivability, especially as Assassin.

    I have been using Bladedancer as splash and the dodges/buffs/charge/caster interupt are all awesome and fun.

    My question is this, what would Riftstalker splash bring to the table?
    That damage mitigation shield after port seems neat, but when I use it it doesn't seem to really absorb that much damage and I feel like I lose a LOT of my fun Bladedancer moves for a few port skills. I also see there is a substantial crit buff in Riftstalker after porting of up to 15%, so this seems very appealing.

    Just comparing Bladedancer to Riftslker though just seems like Bladedancer brings a lot more to table as far as utility.

    Thanks for input!

    Here is a detailed list of what each tree has to offer but Riftstalker still seems short. I just want someone to try and convince me that riftstalker is better, and if no one can looks like I will go bladedancer, lol.

    5% dodge
    Reprisal dodge counter
    +50% white damage
    15% Dex
    Dex Buff
    Caster throw interupt/silence
    Short duration evasion or damage buff
    Charge / root

    15% attack power
    6% less damage taken
    15% crit buff after port.
    Short duration damage reduction or damage buff
    Endurance Buff
    Damage mitigation buff after port.

    Am I missing something awesome?
    What do you do? =P

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    Also this is just a splash build, not wanting to get the top tier talents.
    No one have any input on riftstalker or bladedancer splash?

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