Was this ability really so over powered that it needs to be a 24-pointer?

Honestly, I don't see it. For my solo pve build I was running 16 points in bard for 3 reasons: (minor) heals from cadence and motif of regen / runspeed buff / dex+str buff

I had another role which was almost pure bard, for when I was grouping with friends or needed more survivability. At 16 points in bard, motif of regen by itself was useful mostly as an after combat regen so I didn't have to drink after some of the nastier fights. Cadence+Motif of regen could increase survivability, but seriously decreased dps, so it seemed like a valid trade off.

It really only becomes a viable in-combat healing tool when coupled with the talent that buffs all bard heals (which now comes before motif of regen in the tree) and the other motif that increases healing recieved

So, i'm just really curious, what prompted this change?