Like most of you; I love my Sin, and I'm disappointed with its current dps. I am not going to re-roll; i may mess around with alts more, but I plan on trying to get a sin spec rogue some end game gear.

Until than can we try and come up with the best PvE dps spec, There are some decent PvP specs that offer some help, but i want to at least try and do the best dps i can when and if i get into dungeon/raid groups.

Please feel free to toss up some cross spec options. Please leave out PvP specs unless you find a real nice PVE spec that brings good PvP utility. I currently run a Sin/NB/BD spec to level with and deal with world PvP. I highly doubt that it is the optimal PvE dps spec tho, which is why i am fishing for ideas.

Fire away