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Thread: Rogue Melee Damage

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    Default Rogue Melee Damage

    Hi all

    Based on what i have read and the time spent playing a rogue, i feel its pretty obvious that melee rogues are missing the punch they need to be competitive in both PVE and PVE. Nightblades are an exception to this but that mainly comes from them being partly a ranged class and having some pretty powerful incoming damage reduction skills later in the tree.

    I play SIN/BD/INF in PVP atm build: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=0M....0Aoft0boddR.x

    It's a pretty handy spec. For the most part I open with bleeds, get stuns/interupts/disarms in where I can and try to cap it off with some DD. I do ok. I'm not going to bore you with the details.

    I have one concern about the Rogue class, and in fact, the warrior class. That is the lack of attack power scaling.

    I have skipped abilities in the SIN tree like backstab because it hits like a wet noodle. I never open with assassinate because it's pathetic. These two strikes claim to be using a massive bonus from attack power over standard abilities but generally do not hit much harder. This begs the question... How much of my actual attack power is applied to my attacks in the first place? What effect does it actually have on my attacks?

    Crit rating is massively favoured over attack power and while I understand that in PVP crit is king it stands to reason that attack power should at least carry a fairly even weight. If I add 10% attack power to my rogues gear, I want a big boost to my strike damage to go with it.

    To carry the point forward to DPS warriors carries my point further. Why are warriors foregoing plate armour because dexterity and its attached crit rating is better for them than the typically touted warrior stat, strength. Because they too suffer attack power scaling issues. I think a rework of the base damage/weapon damage/ap scaling needs to be done across all melee. But rogues need a big rework on this front. I think this would go a hell of a way to solving the current problems we are seeing with melee rogues in game.

    What do you think. Do you have any sensible ideas to improve the state of melee rogues? Any ideas to discourage warriors picking leather over plate for stats? Do you have answers to any of my questions above?

    Please respond

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    My thoughts on Rogue Melee can be summed up with a single word: Lackluster.

    We scale poorly, cannot provide any function for a group that another Calling cannot perform better than we can, have mediocre dps over the course of a long PvE encounter and drop like flies against anyone who isn't another rogue in PvP.
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    I use Assass/RB/NB and top dmg on parcers in instances. Buffed i run around at 45% crit all the time, stealth attacks are 95%crit. My single target on mobs my lvl is avg of 750 dps and i drop em in 3-4 sec. and im only lvl 47. Raids will be a diff story i know as the mobs are tougher. but no i dont think rogues are lack luster. Now marksman seems lackluster comparred to sab, but i may just have not played with it enough to get the most out of it.

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