The people in the rogue community that actually play rogues have been very patient with the calling. Lets be honest. The rogue calling has seen nothing but nerfs since beta 6. We have dealt with them all and continued to roll and play the class but this is ridiculous. Now the only viable role we had for PVE and PVP has been taken away from us. Now the Bard will be the only role that is somewhat useful for tier 1s and 2s and not so much for raids. One of the selling points of this game was that you can play any class/role you want and actually be useful. All of that is a load. It's like we are being forced to reroll to a class that is actually needed in groups/raids. We have no Identity now. We can't dps like other classes, we can't support like other classes and tanking is out of the question. So what can we do besides hold a spot and get carried through.