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Thread: 51+ point DPS builds?

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    Default 51+ point DPS builds?

    As an aesthetic, I have always enjoyed builds in MMO's that spec a maximum amount of points into a given tree. I like snagging all the goodies a specific set of talents offer me. NB is by FAR my favorite Rogue tree in RIFT, and I truthfully enjoy it more than any other character class I've played across multiple MMO's.

    Given the current state of the game and reading through some of the specs posted on these forums, it seems hybridization is the way to go for min/maxing DPS. I generally spec for enjoyment so long as the DPS (in the case of a damage-dealing toon) is high enough to contribute to the group in a meaningful way. This can be done without min/maxing at the pre-raid level. With my guild groups, I know the skills of the players I'm playing with and our group does not need to bleed every last ounce of damage out of its DPSers to be successful.

    I tend to disregard QQ posts about class balance because we all know that the wheel of balance will always turn. Like I said, I found my favorite spec and that's what I'm going to play regardless.

    The questions, then:

    Are any of the rogue souls providing competitive DPS with a 51-point investment into a single soul?

    Are any of the rogue souls providing for a compelling PvP experience (i.e. not getting facerolled in 5 seconds) with a 51-point single soul investment?

    And a broader design philosophy question... Should 51-point investments into a single soul be a viable base for a character build? I am NOT talking about pure min/maxing here. It seems with the complexity of the soul system that min/maxers will always go for hybrid builds of some form or another. But should I be capable of creating a raid-ready 51-point single-soul build?

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    the only souls I can think of worthwhile to "consider" 51 points are ranger saboteur and riftstalker, depending on what you want to do

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    I'm guessing 51 ranger and possibly sab with the changes (although someone stated in another thread that after testing the over-21-points-added-damage thing was not worth it compared to crit lost in Assassin - don't really know how reliable that info is though).

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    51 is needed for at least two souls (Bard and Marksman), but sadly neither are really competitive now that they both got nerfed into the ground.

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