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Thread: Pve sab?

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    Default Pve sab?

    Charge Booster: Redesigned. Using Detonate with 5 combo points will fire off a Booster Charge, dealing 50% weapon damage. This damage is increased by 15% for each point in Saboteur over 21.
    with 51 pots that 450% ? how much dmg is that anyone tested on aplha?

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    PvE Sab is already viable.

    With silent setup you can place your 5 charges on a mob without aggroing it. Plus, your OOC power regen is really high compared to in combat. The result is you're starting every fight on a mob when its health is 30-50%. You have full power and you have a 2s stun to work off if one of your charges is concussion.

    In most cases using a little CC you can finish fights without taking damage. If you get in trouble you can chain stun with Annihilation Bombs.

    I have trickled a few points into Bard and Assassin for small healing, +crit and stealth/mezz (incapacitate). Mostly for the stealth/mezz though. With this toolset you can take on 3 mobs at a time but you have to prep the fight first. Incapacitate one, 5 charge detonate one, sand in face of third. Finish off second, A-bomb third. Setup 1st with charges and finish him off.

    +damage given from the patch will only make things better.

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